Roasted Corn & Spicy Lime Soup

So it was 85 F yesterday when I left work. 80-freaking-5 degrees, people! Now, there are many reasons why I live in Alaska, but a very major one is the fact that I don’t have to endure the sweltering, awful heat. I’ve never done well with it. I’m quite pale and definitely possibly allergic to the sun and […]

Zesty Coconut-Lime & Tofu Soup

It’s been snowing. Yes, that’s right, more snow. I’m  freaking out with excitement okay with it. I love the snow and I’m always a little mournful when I know the last snow has fallen. Well, I thought that was a few weeks ago when we had that unseasonably late snowfall. Now, let me be clear…this mid-May snow is […]

Hearty Miso Soup

Not in the mood to cook? Good, me either. Don’t worry though, I have a pretty darn good solution that doesn’t involve much participation. If you’re feeling lazy, take comfort in the fact that there’s not a lot prep. If an ugly day reared it’s head, a little chopping can be cathartic…so that’s good news. I […]