Roasted Corn & Spicy Lime Soup

So it was 85 F yesterday when I left work. 80-freaking-5 degrees, people! Now, there are many reasons why I live in Alaska, but a very major one is the fact that I don’t have to endure the sweltering, awful heat. I’ve never done well with it. I’m quite pale and definitely possibly allergic to the sun and […]

Zesty Coconut-Lime & Tofu Soup

It’s been snowing. Yes, that’s right, more snow. I’m  freaking out with excitement okay with it. I love the snow and I’m always a little mournful when I know the last snow has fallen. Well, I thought that was a few weeks ago when we had that unseasonably late snowfall. Now, let me be clear…this mid-May snow is […]

Thai Coconut Curry with Kelp Noodles

I wouldn’t call kelp noodles a staple in our house. They’re pretty spendy up here in The Last Frontier. These little translucent strands of goodness are chewy and almost crunchy if not soaked prior to use. They take on pretty much any flavor, like tofu would, and alone are completely flavorless. You know those tofu […]