Chocolate Chipotle Black Bean Cherry Cookies

I love fudgy cookies. I love chocolate. I love healthy cookies and I love vegan cookies but most of all I love tasty cookies. And thus, I am delighted to announce that these Chocolate Chipotle Black Bean Cherry Cookies are all of those things. They happen to be made with black beans. Now, I know what […]

My Nosh.On.It Feature!

Check out my Feature on Nosh.On.It No recipe today, no siree. I am much too excited about my recipe for Avocado Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse being featured on the food site Nosh.On.It. Who knew a little Alaska, vegan food blogger like myself would be featured on Nosh.On.It? So cool. Here is a link to the site: […]

Easy Hazelnut Chocolate Avocado Mousse

While scarfing down lightly munching on a bag of dark chocolate chunks (the type clearly meant for baking) last night, I decided the chunks just weren’t cuttin’ it. My chocolate craving was a little more sophisticated than I had previously thought. Grow up, Katie! Fine. So I starting thinking of what I could make myself. Should I bake something? Surely not. I’m impatient as […]